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ValoMotion's ValoArena is a 6-player mixed reality (XR) game that requires no wearable technology, wires or controllers and offers exciting social gameplay for your visitors and a high throughput rate for you as the operator. This unique attraction requires no staff supervision, wiring or portable devices for immersive, physically active gameplay.

In the ValoArena, groups of up to six players can choose from a variety of games and compete in a simultaneous physical and virtual space on an arena-like stage. Spectators can watch and cheer on the game, making the experience even more exciting.

The ValoArena is easy to use and offers operators straightforward handling. The system is already very popular and some operators report usage rates of up to 86%.

Experience a unique, mixed reality social attraction with the ValoArena and enjoy exciting and physically active games without the need for portable technology or cabling.

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