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foxBall is suitable for all ages and offers an absolutely exceptional gaming experience with intuitive operation, so no staff effort is required on your part.

How does foxBall work?

With the help of a large ball whose movements are scanned by sensors, the person playing moves around in a virtual game world where they can solve various tasks and collect points. foxBall can also be played with two systems in multiplayer mode. The ball is available in two different sizes, with a diameter of 85 or 120 cm.

Advantages of foxBall

  • Combines fun and sport

  • Easy maintenance

  • 24 hours software support

  • Regular updates and new content

  • Space saving on min. 1,5 x 1,5 m

  • Coin toss function possible for more turnover

  • Presentation platform for your branding

  • Produced and designed in Germany

Would you like to see for yourself exactly how foxBall works? This video will give you an insight!

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