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Indoor playgrounds for children up to 4 years

These playrooms or play corners are especially tailored to the needs of toddlers aged about 1 to 4 years. Therefore, the integrated play elements are adapted to the motor skills and the play requirements of this age group. The toddler area is a protected area that allows children to play safely - especially at peak times.

Mini Soft Play Structures

An enclosed, safe area for the little ones with lots of fun!

Ideas for toddler play areas

Toddlers also want to romp around like the older kids. However, they still need a play environment that offers more protection and is adapted to their abilities. It can be integrated either in the form of a mini play structure or as a separate, demarcated zone on the floor with a soft surface. Soft building blocks, soft animals, ball baths, motor skills games and learning and play computers provide a valuable play experience for our little ones.