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Innovative Climbing Equipment for Maximum Enthusiasm


In the world of climbing walls, Playlife offers not only safety but also the perfect attractions for unforgettable adventures. We provide climbing walls for all age groups, starting from 4 years old. The difficulty level is tailored to the needs of your target group. We especially cater to children, as well as experienced sport climbers.

Fun Area: CoolClimbers and Children's Boulder Walls

Our CoolClimbers are true eye-catchers with colorful, unique designs that appeal to children, teenagers, and adults alike. Thanks to a special safety system, climbers can secure themselves without the need for a second person. CoolClimbers are available in a variety of designs, either directly on the wall or as an impressive freestanding 3D climbing tower. These climbing walls require no special physical skills and focus primarily on the experience value. With various themes and gamification elements, they offer not only fun but also opportunities for visual branding or theming. CoolClimbers are generally suitable for children from 6 years of age and a height of 110 cm.

Children's boulder walls with kid-friendly grips and cheerful, customizable background graphics encourage young adventurers from the start and add an exciting challenge to your location. With a maximum height of 2.5 meters, they can be conquered without safety equipment from the age of 4.

Interactive Climbing Walls: TrailBlazer and ValoClimb

Discover a new dimension of climbing with TrailBlazer and ValoClimb. These interactive climbing walls offer not only a physical challenge but also a unique experience.

TrailBlazer is mainly used on traverse climbing walls, where one climbs horizontally rather than vertically. The goal is to quickly and skillfully press illuminated grips.

ValoClimb is a projected game on a bouldering wall. A projector and a motion camera respond in real-time to the climber's actions by projecting games onto the wall.

Sports Area: Classic Climbing and Bouldering Walls

For sport climbers, we offer classic climbing and bouldering walls. Custom-designed and adapted to spatial conditions, these walls are the ultimate equipment for demanding climbing experiences. An investment in both safety and fun.

Playlife provides the ideal equipment to enable your customers to experience tailor-made climbing adventures. Whether for beginners or experienced climbers – we have the right equipment for every adventure and every target group.

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