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Eat, play, enjoy! Children's play areas in the restaurant: What you should think about when building


When it comes to dining out with children, it's not always easy to keep them entertained and happy during the stay. That's why many restaurants have started incorporating children's play areas into their establishments. These designated spaces allow kids to burn off some energy, interact with other children, and most importantly, have fun! But what should you consider when building a children's play area in your restaurant? Let's explore.

Safety first

Firstly, it's essential to ensure that the play area meets safety standards. This means that all equipment should be certified playground equipment and meet industry standards for design, construction, and installation. Playlife is a specialist company with over 25 years of experience. We know the necessary regulations and standards required.

How do you get the right mix of play equipment?

In addition to meeting safety standards, it's also important to consider the age range of the children who will be using the play area. Younger children may require equipment that is suitable to their age such as soft play animals, small slides and building blocks, while older children may need more challenging structures. Providing a mix of equipment for different age groups is a good way to ensure that everyone has something to enjoy.

Where do I place the play area?

Another consideration is the location of the play area within the restaurant. It's best to place it in a location that is easily visible from the dining area, so parents can keep an eye on their children while they play. It's also essential to ensure that the play area is not in a high traffic area or near any potential hazards such as stairs or kitchen areas

Realising the full potential

A well-designed children's play area can be a great selling point for your restaurant. It can also become a revenue stream by charging for the use of the play area or hosting parties and events in the space. We also provide the design and construction of themed party rooms!

Impress with theming

Furthermore, with the right design, it can also create an enjoyable experience for adults as well. Themed indoor playgrounds are the perfect choice if you want to create an atmosphere that is both inviting and memorable. With themed play areas, you can choose from a range of different themes such as pirate, princess, jungle or space-themed designs that will be sure to capture the imagination of your young guests. With these themed indoor playgrounds, your restaurant will be the perfect place for family-friendly entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

Think big!

In addition to traditional play structures, some restaurants may decide to create a children's entertainment center with activities such as interactive games, fun climbing walls, TAG Challenge or even glow in the dark or themed mini-golf. This type of entertainment area can attract more families and provide a unique experience that sets your restaurant apart.

In conclusion, creating a children's play area in your restaurant can be a great way to attract families and keep children entertained while they spend time at your restaurant. By working with Playlife you can create a space that is both fun and functional. Whether you choose a simple play area or a more elaborate children's entertainment center, your customers are sure to appreciate the effort you put into creating a family-friendly environment. So, eat, play, and enjoy!

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